Psychology specific courses (see also Coaching, Leadership, and Photography)

That emotions are crucial to our experience of the world around us has been appreciated for thousands of years.  When Goleman popularised our understanding of just one dimension – emotional intelligence – in 1995, his book sold millions of copies.

Emotions shape our relationships, determine our values, are the basis of our own motivation and how we motivate others. 

Over ten weeks, with a balance of theory, practical activities, and experiential opportunities, we attempt to understand the detail of emotions and what they are, how they impact us, and fashion society.

Explore the definition and components of emotions, and discover how they shape our thoughts, perceptions, and behaviours. Trace the evolution of emotional research, from ancient philosophies to modern cognitive science, gaining valuable insights into this ever-evolving field.

Delve into the neuroscience of emotions, the workings of our brain and how it processes emotional responses. Examine the ongoing debate of whether emotions are innate or social constructs, exploring the interplay between biology, culture, and socialization.

Uncover the minimal set of emotions that form the foundation of our emotional repertoire and explore their universality across cultures. Discover how empathy serves as a mechanism for emotional communication among individuals and even other sentient animals.

Investigate the relationship between positive emotions and psychopathology, gaining practical strategies for fostering mental wellness. Explore the intersection of emotions and motivation, and how they influence our actions and decision-making. Examine behavioural economics and marketing, where emotions are skilfully provoked to shape popular behaviour.

Understand the connection between wisdom, values, and emotions, and practical decision-making and finding meaning in our lives. Lastly, explore the relationship between religion and emotions, uncovering their role in spiritual practices and beliefs.

Whether for professional or purely personal interest, this course should help you make just a little more sense of the complex world in which we live.