An introduction to the use of photography as a therapeutic intervention for therapists.

This four-week intermediate Digital Photography course is great for people who already have some knowledge of digital photography and who are already using their camera off auto.

Discover the secrets of successful portraiture, or those special moments for the family album.

Gain confidence in photographing people through practical work indoors and out, teaching you invaluable skills in lighting, composition and poses, to produce a beautiful portrait portfolio. 

Our Digital Photography: Portrait course is for those wishing to learn how to take flattering portraits of friends and family using the full potential of camera and lenses in any lighting situation.

Learn how to create beautiful portraits with the minimum of gear. We limit the course to a maximum of 8 students to enable the tutor to help everyone individually.

To get the most out of our Digital Photography: Portrait course, it is recommended that you have some knowledge of depth of field, motion capture and ISO setting.

These skills are taught on our Digital Photography for Beginners Course.

Tutor Graham Wilson is looking forward to taking your portrait photography to the next level!

o Do you have an advanced digital camera* that sometimes baffles you?
o Would you like to be more creative with your camera but don't know where to begin?
o Are your photography ambitions thwarted by the complicated controls and menus?

This ten-week crash course, balancing a little theory with plenty of practice, will help you gain control over, and confidence handling, any advanced digital camera*.  You will understand the different knobs, buttons and menus; ways of getting sharper images; and the keys to an aesthetically better picture.  We will look at a variety of subjects (people, buildings, objects that are still, and some that are moving).  Whatever your particular interest, you will emerge as a better image maker.

(*) By "advanced digital camera" we include DSLRs, mirrorless, and Bridge cameras, but not "point and shoot" ones.